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Standard Products of National Building Materials Machinery Industry ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certification. ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certification. Famous Trademark of Tianjin City
Member of China Construction Units Association Advanced Collective for the Building Materials Machinery Industrial Standardization Work New Wall Materials Machinery Recommended Certificate One of the Drafters of the National Industrial Standards
Accreditation Certificate of Small and Medium Scientific Enterprise Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise
Patent for the High and Low Type Materials Distribution Device Patent for the Automatic Silo Door Driving Device Patent for the Pneumatic Spring Type Vibrating Table Patent for Concrete Block Forming Machine
Patent for the Distribution Device with Screen Surface Patent for New Type Automatic Stacker Patent for Moveable Weighing and Batching Plant With Three Silos Patent for the Material Blocking Device Used to the Silo
Patent for Assembly Welding Type Mold Patent for the Polystyrene Board Arrangement Device of Insulation Block Patent for the Material Distribution Device With Automatic Ash Scraping Function