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Production Design
By virtue of plentiful experience in concrete block making machine industry, we are capable of developing high quality, highly effective concrete block making equipment. Aside from strict production inspection, we also apply advanced technology and modern management experience from home and abroad. Currently, we have established 12 offices in China.

As your cooperative partner, we consistently make progress through innovation. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Sincere and attentive technical support is available. Free services such as installation, debugging, and training can be accessed by out clientele. If you have any problems during production, our company will timely help you find the best solutions.

Each outgoing product is rigorously inspected and approved with an official quality certificate. Our machine models are matched with test reports from the national inspection department, ensuring that all block forming machines are in line with the national JC/T920-2011 standard.

Our company maintains separate departments for the research and development of moulds and manufacturing equipment. These departments have a combined staff of 30 employees, of whom there are 15 with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree or higher. Currently, all the machines are designed, developed, and manufactured independently. We have obtained many patents. To better serve our clients, we provide a one-stop service which covers site design, equipment allocation, finished product inspection, and much more.

Huge Profits for Customers
Not to mention, we surely will bring benefits for the clients. The following are the reasons:

1. Various Functions
The concrete block making machine made by our company is multifunctional. When equipped with different molds, it can make standard blocks, hollow concrete blocks, water well blocks, slope protection blocks, etc. With a secondary materials distribution device, the machine also can make color pavement tiles, glass planting block, and the like.

2. Wide Selection of Raw Materials
Through adopting the scientific technical formula as well as adjusting the parameters including exciting force, vibration time, etc., you can make our block making machine to suit different raw materials. Except tailings, the raw materials include coal ash, gangue, slag, and all kinds of industrial waste.

3. Less Initial Investment
Our machine enjoys the same performances as what the imported equipment have. But our machine is more cost effective.

4. High Concrete Product Quality
Because of the mandatory mechanical positioning and synchronous beam design, the concrete product has accurate, uniform size when demoulding. Additionally, the machine operates stably, which allows for low rejection rate. Thanks to the special sympathetic vibration, the concrete product comes with better compactness.

5. Low Concrete Product Cost
The concrete block making machine applies the high frequency vibrator to form blocks. Therefore, it requires less cement amount but makes high-strength blocks. The implementation of such a method significantly reduces the overall production cost.

The forming machine is designed with advanced German technology and features a high degree of automation. All of its critical components are supplied by name brands for enhanced stability and performance, resulting in fewer operators and reduced maintenance costs.

6. Good Service
Our services includes program making, feasibility analysis report, site layout, operator training, on-site guidance, etc. Free installation and debugging are only offered for the clients in China. For overseas clients, certain fees may be charged. Last but not least, one-year warranty service is available.

Environment Protection
Our machine is a burning-free block machine which uses the construction waste as raw materials. In China, you can enjoy the tax exemption policy, if you make block with construction waste.

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