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    1. QWT21 Automatic Concrete Block Production LineThe twelve-floor elevator well matches with the twelve-floor kiln rack, so the workshop space can be made full use of. The elevator is stable, reliable in operation for the application of the reputable brand reducer.
    1. QWT21 I Type Concrete Block Production LineThe host machine applies the moveable beam type high-strength steel. Its erector can be easily adjusted according to the mold height. Welded from the rectangular steel and template, the upper slider is of high structural strength. On this slider, a balance bar is installed to reduce the abrasion between the guide sleeve and vertical column.
    1. QWT12A3 Automatic Concrete Block Production LineAll the hydraulic components of the hydraulic system are imported ones. The integrated hydraulic station can automatically adjusted the oil temperature, thus ensuring the long time continuous operation of the equipment.
    1. QDM16 Automatic Concrete Block Production LineThe multifunctional block making machine can make standard blocks, pavement tiles, etc. Its mold can be freely changed. This durable machine is welded from the high-strength profile steel with the international advanced welding technology.
    1. QWT12A4 Automatic Concrete Block Production LineThrough the application of mandatory mechanical positioning, this production line can make concrete products with uniform height. Because of the encoder of the server motor, its two vibrators work synchronously.
    1. QT10-15 Concrete Block Making MachineIts hydraulic system applies the imported hydraulic component and integrated hydraulic station. The automatic oil temperature adjustment guarantees the long time continuous operation.
      This QT10-15 concrete block making machine can make a wide range of products. When changed with different molds, it can make standard blocks, pavement tiles, and other concrete products.
    1. QT9-20 Concrete Block Making MachineYou can use it to make color floor tile, hollow block, and so on. This machine operates stably and has high productivity. The forming cycle is short. The concrete block maker is suitable for the clients who require high output and high degree of automation.
    1. QT6-20B1 Concrete Block Making MachineThe machine uses the special chasises, all of which are easily installed and debugged. Those chasises lower the failure rate.
      The air-bag type mold clamping method is used for the die installation. Meanwhile, the mold clamping cylinder applies the hoisting assembly method.
    1. QT5-20A3 Concrete Block Making MachineThis equipment is a four-pillar jolt-squeeze molding brick making machine, which can make several blocks per time. In this regard, it decreases electricity consumption and lowers labor cost.
      It realizes automatic plate feeding, plate discharging, and aggregate vibration. The concrete blocks made by this machine each time, can be transported and stacked together.
    1. QT5-20B3 Concrete Block Making MachineIt forms several concrete products per time, decreasing the electricity consumption and labor cost. Also, those concrete products can be transported and stacked in one time, thus improving the production efficiency.
      Its mold can be arbitrarily replaced for making different concrete products. The concrete product made by this machine has the maximum height of 500mm.
    1. QM5-18 Concrete Block Making Machine It helps you decrease the electricity consumption and labor cost, since it makes several blocks per time. Also, the output allows for the centralized transportation and stacking, thereby improving the production efficiency.
      The machine can make different concrete products, that’s because its mold can be freely changed with ease.
    1. QT5-35Z Concrete Block Making MachineThe PLC controlled equipment is driven by hydraulic system, and monitored by the contactless proximity switch. It well combines the motor, electricity, hydraulic pressure, and high-frequency vibration.
      By using imported ones or domestic well-known brands electric, hydraulic components, this machine is characterized by reliable performance, easy operation, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance.
    1. QT4-20A2 Concrete Block Making MachineIt is a four-pillar jolt-squeeze molding brick making machine that can one time form several concrete products. Consequently, it consumes less electricity and needs lower labor cost. The centralized transportation and stacking of concrete products can be realized as well.
    1. QT4-20B2 Concrete Block Making MachineIt is a four-pillar jolt-squeeze molding brick making machine that can make bridge girder, slop-protection brick, paving brick, and many others.
      It is a multi-functional machine. You can freely change the mold, and the mold is easy, rapid in installation.
      This machine only needs 10 pallets. The concrete block can be stacked without being dried.
    1. QT2-30 Concrete Block Making MachineEach time, it can make several blocks, thus not only saving electric power and labor cost, but also allowing for the centralized transportation and stacking.
      The automatic aggregate feeding system greatly lowers the labor intensity.
  • Mould of Concrete Block Molding MachineTo guarantee the product quality, we have imported a complete set of production equipment, including material unloading machine, cutting machine, welding machine, heat treatment equipment, assembly equipment, etc. With those machines, we can make top-grade molds.