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QM5-18 Concrete Block Making Machine

The QM5-18 concrete block making machine can speedily form many types concrete products including hollow blocks. Those concrete products come with good compactness.

1. Our equipment is also named four-pillar jolt-squeeze molding brick making machine. It operates automatically, realizing automatic plate feeding, aggregate vibration, etc.
2. It helps you decrease the electricity consumption and labor cost, since it makes several blocks per time. Also, the output allows for the centralized transportation and stacking, thereby improving the production efficiency.
3. The machine can make different concrete products, that’s because its mold can be freely changed with ease.
4. It only requires 10 pallets. The concrete wall panel or floor tile made by our machine can be stacked directly. No drying is required.
5. Our QM5-18 concrete block making machine adopts the chasises that are easy to install and debug. It has low failure rate.
6. The upper suspension type rail mounted charging wagon is used to decrease the system pressure.
7. This machine uses mold vibration to speedily form the high-strength concrete products of good compactness.
8. Moreover, the hydraulic cylinder is used for material discharging, reducing the material hydration reaction prior to the molding. This technology greatly improves the product strength.

Support Plate Size 1, 150*580*25mm
Molding Cycle 20~25 seconds per time (Different product has different forming time)Excluding Surface materials
Product Height 50~200mm
Molding Area 1, 100x500mm
Operating System Semi-automatic ( Full automatic type is available )
Total Installed Capacity 27.89Kw
Overall Dimensions 6923x2100x2500mm
Weight 7500kg or so
Occupied Area Block making machine with a rear conveyor:
L * W * H 17.5 m *4m *2.6m
Maxi. Pressure 5 t
Workers 8-10 people (semi-automatic); 4 people(full-automatic, when quipped with stacker crane and forklift)
Output 112 m3 (Mini. Output per 8 hours) 390*190*190mm
Executive Standard Number JC/920-2011 Architecture material industry concrete block machine.

Standard Configuration
Primary machine unit, pump station, electrical cabinet, surface material drawer, ash bucket with silo, pallets feeder, bricks conveyor, conveyor, tool box, accessories, 20 pieces of 1150*580*25 bamboo plywood, operation instruction, warranty card, product delivery form, 4 handcarts, one set of 390*190*190 mold.

Raw Materials: Construction waste, coal ash, river sand, concrete, stones, slag

Finished Product
Hollow Block Hollow Block Hollow Block Hollow Block

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