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QT5-20B3 Concrete Block Making Machine

Our QT5-20B3 concrete block making machine can make all kinds of concrete products including color floor tiles, hollow blocks, etc. It realizes automatic plate feeding, plate discharging, and aggregate vibration. This machine is the preferred choice for concrete kerb stone manufacturing.

Product Instruction
1. The QT5-20B3 concrete block making machine is a four-pillar jolt-squeeze molding brick making machine that can produce kerb stones.
2. It forms several concrete products per time, decreasing the electricity consumption and labor cost. Also, those concrete products can be transported and stacked in one time, thus improving the production efficiency.
3. Its mold can be arbitrarily replaced for making different concrete products. The concrete product made by this machine has the maximum height of 500mm.
4. The air-bag type mold clamping method is used for the die installation.
5. The upper suspension type rail mounted charging wagon is used to decrease the system pressure.

Supporting Plate Size 1,150×580×35 (mm)
Product Height 250-500 (mm)
Molding Area 1,100×500 (mm)
Operating System Semi-automatic
Installed Capacity (Total Power) 35.99kw
Weight About 8644kg
Overall Dimensions 6, 923×2, 569×4, 525 (mm)
Number of Operators 4 people
Equipped with palletizer and forklift
Power Supply Method Pressure and Vibration
Installation and Debugging Cycle 4-5 days (when the foundation is ready-made)

Standard Configuration
Primary machine unit, pump station, electrical cabinet, surface material drawer, ash bucket with silo, pallets feeder, bricks conveyor, conveyor, tool box, accessories, 20 pieces of 1150*580*25 bamboo plywood, operation instruction, warranty card, product delivery form, 4 handcarts.

Finished Product

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Brick Curb Making Machine | Decorative Brick Maker | Kerbstone Machine

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