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QT5-20A3 Concrete Block Making Machine

This QT5-20A3 concrete block making machine is used to make color floor tiles, hollow blocks, and other types of concrete products. The wall panels or floor tiles need no drying, and can be stacked directly, thus saving labor intensity. This machine is suitable for the clients who require medium yield.

Product Instruction
1. This equipment is a four-pillar jolt-squeeze molding brick making machine, which can make several blocks per time. In this regard, it decreases electricity consumption and lowers labor cost.
2. It realizes automatic plate feeding, plate discharging, and aggregate vibration. The concrete blocks made by this machine each time, can be transported and stacked together.
3. This QT5-20A3 concrete block making machine is multifunctional. Its mold can be freely changed with ease.
4. It needs only 10 pallets. The concrete wall panel or floor tile made by our machine can be stacked without being dried.
5. The machine uses the special chasises, all of which are easily installed and debugged. Those chasises lower the failure rate.
6. The upper suspension type rail mounted charging wagon is used to decrease the system pressure.
7. The air-bag type mold clamping method is used for the die installation.

Supporting Plate Size 1150*580*25mm
Forming Cycle 20~25 seconds per time (Different product has different forming time)(Surface materials is excluded)
Product Height 50~200mm
Forming Area 1, 100x500mm
Operating System Semi-automatic
(The system can be updated to be the full automatic type)
Total Installed Capacity 20.7Kw
Overall Dimensions 6923x2100x2500mm
Weight 7500kg
Floor Space Block making machine with a rear conveyor:
L*W*H 17.5m*4m*2.6m
Maxi. Pressure 5t
Workers 8-10 people (semi-automatic); 4 people (full-automatic, stacker crane and forklift are equipped)
Forming Method Pressure and vibration
Output 100 m3 (Mini. Output per 8 hours) 390*190*190mm
Executive Standard JC/920-2011 Architecture material industry concrete block machine.

Standard Configuration
Primary machine unit, pump station, surface material drawer, ash bucket with silo, pallets feeder, bricks conveyor, conveyor, tool box, accessories, 20 pieces of 1150*580*25bamboo plywood, operation instruction, warranty card, product delivery form, 4 trolleys, one set of 100*200 floor tile mold.

Raw Materials: Construction waste, coal ash, river sand, cement, stones, slag

Output per Shift
Standard Blocks: 60,000 pieces of 238*51*115 blocks per 8 to 10 hours.
Hollow blocks: 120m3
Floor Tile: 600m2

1. Four-direction Positioning Aggregate Drawer
Our QT5-20A3 concrete block making machine applies the four-direction positioning aggregate drawer. This drawer operates stably, thus reducing the system pressure.
2. Chassis Integrated Design
The chassis integrated design well combines the host machine, aggregate drawer, and surface materials drawer. For that reason, the concrete block maker operates stably.
3. External Motors
The machine applies two external motors, both of which can be conveniently maintained and have good heat dissipation.
4. Surface Materials Drawer of Special Design
The surface materials drawer can be opened from one side, thus providing convenience for the mold replacement.
5. Hydraulic Motor
Our automatic concrete block forming machine is driven by the hydraulic motor. Both vibrational frequency and vibration time can be adjusted according to different blocks.
6. Rubber Block for Mold Connecting
The mold is connected to the equipment with a rubber block, which can increase the exciting force while decreasing the vibration energy loss.
7. Thickened Guide Pillar
The thickened guide pillar has significantly increased the stability and balance of the equipment.
8. Lock Sleeve for Adjusting Lower Mold Height
When installing different mold, you can adjust the lower mold height with the lock sleeve on the guide pillar.
9. PLC Control
This concrete block maker is PLC controlled. You can choose the program according to the block type. The program will be displayed via the touch screen.
10. Duplex Impeller Pump
The pump station has a duplex impeller pump which is more powerful than the ordinary oil pump.
11. Oil Immersed Vibroramme
Since the vibrorammer is oil immersed, you don’t have to add oil during per shift. Outside the block making machine, an oil can is installed to show the oil amount.
12. T-shaped Shifting Fork for Materials Distribution
The T-shaped shifting fork makes material distribution uniform and compact all the more.
Finished Product
Interlocking Grass Planting Brick with Round Holes Large Red Pavement Tile Arc Block

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