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QT9-20 Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine Four-direction positioning for Material Distribution Air Bag Pallet Centering
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The QT9-20 concrete block making machine can make various concrete products with the height range of 50 to 200mm. You can use it to make color floor tile, hollow block, and so on. This machine operates stably and has high productivity. The forming cycle is short. The concrete block maker is suitable for the clients who require high output and high degree of automation.

1. Translational Distribution Method
The QT9-20 concrete block making machine applies the double hyperbolic arm for materials distribution. This translational distribution method can shorten the distributing time by 30% to 50%.
2. Air-bag Clamping Method
The air-bag clamping method is used to maximize the exciting force while reducing the system pressure.
3. Double Valve Controlled Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is controlled by the double valve, which can be adjusted according to the hydraulic flow and pressure.
4. Electrically Controlled Aggregate Hopper
The aggregate hopper can be electrically opened for discharging. The discharging is adjustable according to different block types.
5. Frequency Transformer Controlled Vibrating System
The vibrating system is controlled by the frequency transformer, so the equipment operates more stably.
6. Double Cylinders, Ash Scraping Device, and Centering Device
Controlled by the double cylinders, the hopper allows for fast and uniform materials distribution. The cylinders are stable in operation, and have no scratch or collision. In addition, a second ash scraping device has been equipped for preventing the excess materials from affecting the finished products. On the bottom of the equipment, there is a centering device used to avoid the plate drifting.
7. Cleaning Device
A cleaning device is installed in front of the block making machine, so as to make sure the beautiful appearance of the concrete product.

Except the above seven advantages, The QT9-20 concrete block making machine share the same advantages with the QT5-20A3.

Support Plate Size 1350*750*30mm
Forming Cycle 20~25 seconds per time (Different product has different forming time)(Surface materials is excluded)
Product Height 50~200mm
Operating System Full Automatic
Total Installed Capacity 40.25Kw
Overall Dimensions 10, 790*2, 510*3, 370mm
Weight 13,500kg
Maxi. Pressure 10MPa
Molding Method Vibration and pressure
Output 200m3 (Mini. Output per 10 hours) 390*190*190mm
Executive Standard Number JC/920-2011 Architecture material industry block machine

Standard Configuration
Primary machine unit, pump station, surface material drawer, dust hopper with silo, pallet feeder, Bricks conveyer, conveyor, tool box, accessories, 20 pieces of 1, 350*750*30mm bamboo plywood, operation instruction, warranty card, product delivery form, palletizing machine

Raw Materials: Construction waste, coal ash, river sand, cement, stones, and slag

Finished Product

H-shaped Concrete Bloc Interlocking Treepit Block

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Cement Brick Machine | Shaped Brick Equipment | Interlocking Block Machine

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