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QT10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

1. Primary Machine Unit
2. Pallets Feeder
3. Bricks Conveyor
4. Palletizing Machine
5. Automatic pallet loading machine
6. Mixer
7. Batching Plant
8. Cement Silo
9. Forklift
10. Loader
11. Electric Cabinet
12. Pump Station

QT10-15 full automatic production line is comprised of such four parts as batching and mixing system, forming system, delivery system, as well as control system. It offers high output, and can make all kinds of blocks that are available with the height range of 50mm to 200mm.

Structure and Technical Features
1. Our QT10-15 concrete block making machine applies the motional beam type high-strength steel structure. The structure has four guide pillars. Besides that, the erector can be conveniently adjusted to match the mold height.
2. It applies the mandatory mechanical positioning to make uniform, high accurate finished product. With the servo motor encoder, its two vibrators woks synchronically.
3. Its sturdy and durable body is made with the international advanced welding technology and super strong section steel.
4. Driven by double hydraulic motors, the suspension type four-direction positioning aggregate trailer distributes materials speedily, uniformly. Translational material distribution makes the concrete product come with better compactness.
5. The silo is designed with two doors, both of which are driven by the hydraulic cylinder. Through the gear engagement, the two doors work synchronously, thereby minimizing the discharging time.
6. With the international brand PLC program control, this QT10-15 concrete block making machine operates reliably. The operational parameters can be freely set and modified.
7. Its hydraulic system applies the imported hydraulic component and integrated hydraulic station. The automatic oil temperature adjustment guarantees the long time continuous operation.
8. This QT10-15 concrete block making machine can make a wide range of products. When changed with different molds, it can make standard blocks, pavement tiles, and other concrete products.

Productivity 10 standard blocks (standard blocks) per plate
Block Height 50-200mm
Pallet Size 1, 150×980×25(bamboo plywood)
Forming Cycle 15-20 seconds per plate
(Different products require different molding cycles)
Total Power 77.15 KW
Overall Dimensions 13, 463×7, 600×6, 500mm
Equipment Weight About 33, 527KG
Equipment Occupied Area 171.1 ㎡
Product Output QT10-15 Concrete Product
Standard Hollow Block (390×190×190mm) Qty. per Plate 10
Annual Output 7,340,000
Paving Tile (200×100×60mm) Qty. per Plate 40
Annual Output 29,380,000
Standard Block (240×115×53mm) Qty. per Plate 56
Equipment Configuration
No. Product Name Code Qty. Remark
  QT10-15 multifunctional color hydraulic block making machine (automatic) XSF-QT10-15 (automatic)
Standard Configuration
1 Primary Machine Unit QT10-15-ZJ 1 Synchronous motor driven vibration system
2 Automatic Pump Station 1  
3 Electric Control Cabinet (Resistance box)   1  
4 Pallet Conveyor XSF-SBJ7-00 1  
5 Bricks Conveyor XSF-CZJ3-00 1  
6 Conveyor XSF-ZCB-XSSJ-00 1 6 meters (with support)
7 Air Compressor PT-0012 1  
8 Block Supporting Plate 1150*980*25 20 Bamboo Plywood
9 Palletizing Machine XSF-DBJ5-00 1 Optional
10 JS1000 Mixer 1 Heighten 2.8m (Optional)
Finished Product
Color Floor Tile Color Kerb Stone Bearing Floor Tile
Large Pavement Tile Red S Block

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