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QWT12A4 Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

1. Descending Pallet Conveyor
2. Pallets Feeder
3. Primary Machine Unit
4. Bricks Conveeeyor
5. Palletizing Machine
6. Mixer
7. Batching Plant
8. Conveyor
9. Cement Silo
10. Package Machine
11. Forklift
12. Loader
13. Control System

The QWT12A4 automatic concrete block production line is comprised of batching and mixing system, molding system, delivery system, stack system, and control system.

1. The production line applies the thick rectangular steel frame, four guide pillars, and king-size guide sleeves. In a word, the frame is durable in use.
2. Through the application of mandatory mechanical positioning, this production line can make concrete products with uniform height. Because of the encoder of the server motor, its two vibrators work synchronously.
4. We adopt a suspension type four-direction positioning aggregate trailer which has little resistance when operating. The trailer puts an end to the mold damage caused by the thickness error of the supporting plates.
5. QWT12A4 automatic concrete block production line is controlled by the international brand PLC program, thereby ensuring stable operation. Its operating parameters can be set and modified.
6. Its hydraulic system utilizes the imported hydraulic components. This integrated hydraulic station can automatically adjust the oil temperature. Therefore, the equipment can be continuously operated for a long time.

Product Output QWT12A4 Image
Standard Hollow Block
Qty. per Plate 5
Annual Output 5,510,000
Pavement Tile
Qty. per Plate 25
Annual Output 27,540,000
Standard Block (240×115×53mm) Qty. per Plate 32
Annual Output 35,250,000

Remark: The above data belongs to theoretical value, and the production efficiency should be calculated by 85%. Factors that will influence the actual output include product formula, raw materials, production equipment, etc.

Parameters of QWT12A4Block Making Machine
Productivity 5 pieces (standard blocks) per plate
Concrete Product Height 50-200mm
Pallet Size 1150×620×25mm(Bamboo Plywood)
Forming Cycle 20-25 seconds per plate (It varies according to different products)
Total Power 87.65KW
Overall Dimensions 20787×12737×5312mm
Machine Weight About 35, 472KG
Equipment Occupied Area 273 m2
Curing Area 800 m2
Storage Area for Concrete Products 3, 000 m2
Storage Area for Raw Materials 600 m2
Total Occupied Area 4, 673 m2
Equipment List
Equipment for QWT12A4 Automatic Concrete Block Production Line
No. Product Name Code Qty. Remark
  QWT12A4 Automatic Concrete Block Production Line XSF-QWT12A4-00 1 Straight Line
Standard Configuration
1 QT5-20A4 concrete block making machine QT5-20A4-ZJ 1 Synchronous motor driven vibration system
2 Automatic Pump Station QT5-20A4-ZJ-ZDBZ 1  
3 Electric Control Cabinet QT5-20A4-ZJ-KZG 1  
4 Bricks Conveyor XSF-CZJ2-00 1  
5 Palletizing Machine XSF-DBJ5-00 1 Including electrohydraulic control system
6 Lowerator Delivery XSF-JBS1-00 1 Including lowerator, pallet delivery, electrohydraulic control system
7 Package Machine XSF-MDXT-00 1 See the remark
8 Pallets Feeder XSF-SBJ6-0A 1
9 3.5m Conveyor XSF-3.5SSJ-00 1 Optional
10 Block Supporting Plate 1150*620*25 20 Bamboo Plywood
11 JS500 Mixer   1 Optional
12 1600III Batching Plant XSF-PLJ1600III-00 1 Optional
13 100t Cement Silo   1 Optional
14 Forklift   2 Purchased by the user
15 Mold Loading or Unloading Trolley XSF-QT5-MJZX-00 1 Optional
Remark: The package machine is used when the pallet size is 1m *1m or 1.2m *1.2m.
Finished Product
Eight-hole Block Interlocking Grass Block Soil Retaining Block Grass Block with Holes

Lawn Brick Lawn Block with Round Holes Grey Lawn Block with Round Holes

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